The Ramburs Group started its activity in 1995 as a part of the United Grain Group.

Today it is an independent agricultural company headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine. We are physical traders of grains. Being successful in export of agricultural products the Company got into the five biggest companies-exporters of wheat from Ukraine in the year 2012-2013.

Since inception of the Ramburs Group we remained focused on a single commodity asset class, namely the grain and oilseeds. This focus has helped us to cumulate and to compound our skills over time, to build deeper insights into agricultural product markets and to consolidate our competitive position. This has also helped us to build market-leading positions in these businesses.

The Ramburs Group is now actively working on the development of container shipments to Far East – South East Asia countries including, but not limited  to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam for wheat, corn, canola, barley and soybeans originating from Black Sea Region.

WHO WE ARE? – We are a group of companies with professional management team.

The Ramburs Group is a group of companies with the strong management team which has an extensive experience in strategic relationships with commodity producers and bulk handlers. Our aim is to build and manage the Black Sea supply chain for processors and distributors of agricultural commodities, located worldwide.
We supply processors, distributors and consumers with feed and food products of consistent quality and use our freight and logistics expertise to ensure smooth and timely delivery to their destinations. We also advise our customers on innovative and tailored trade finance, hedging and financing solutions.
Recognizing that we are in the business of managing information as well as physical commodities, we provide our customers with professional market investigation support and timely product delivery.

WHAT WE DO? - We create value for producers and quality services for our customers.

The main activity of the Ramburs Group is export of grains from Black Sea Ports (feed barley, feed wheat, milling wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, soya beans, wheat flour and canola). Origination of grains and oilseeds is from Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova as well as from Ukraine.
The Ramburs Group also has its own grain elevators in central and southern regions of Ukraine. We buy the exportable grains from farmers truck by truck through the country, bring it to our grain elevators and ship this grain to over 50 countries around the globe loading vessels from 3000 MTs up to 75000 MTs.

HOW WE DO? - We strive for excellent performance in everything we do.

The Ramburs Group is run by the strong management team supported by qualified administrative professionals and back-office staff. The Company has a flat organizational structure and a focused businesslike culture. The Ramburs Group maintains stable relationships both with the leading International trading companies and consumers throughout the world, having established a reputation of being a reliable business partner.


1994 – Year of foundation
1995 – Ramburs became a co-founder of Ukrainian Agrarian Exchange
1996 – Joined GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trade Association, London, UK)
1996 – First C&F shipment
1998 – First year with over 1 Mio MTs
2011 – Chairman of Ramburs Group was elected as GAFTA President
2012 – First container shipment of grains
2012 – 2013 Ramburs is one of the five biggest companies-exporters of wheat from Ukraine